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CAPUA, Italy. In this modern world full of challenges and changes, TECNAM focuses more than ever on researching innovative solutions for the future of greener aviation. It has never been more important to pursue knowledge and develop practices that can lead to greener and more environmentally responsible choices, both in design and operation.

With these key factors in mind, TECNAM is pleased to announce a partnership with Rolls-Royce and major global air carriers, including North American and European airlines, for the development of the P-Volt: an all-electric twin-electric motor, short and mid-range passenger aircraft designed for maximum versatility and safety are designed and run with renewable energies.

The P-Volt will benefit from the achievements of TECNAM in aircraft of the category 11 seats, in which the P2012 Traveler has established a new global reference after decades. The P-Volt will be the first commercial 9 passenger, cargo, medical evacuation and special mission aircraft to be electrified directly by the manufacturer, taking TECNAM’s DREAM concept (durability, reliability, employability, affordability and manageability) to a new, unrivaled level of efficiency is raised.

The TECNAM P-Volt propulsion system and avionics, developed along with the Clean Aviation Roadmap to bring the world to sustainable energy, will be specifically geared towards commercial operations. Fully electric motors, avionics, heating, air conditioning and state-of-the-art de-icing / ice protection systems will enable completely sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation.

The special battery technology guarantees full power availability for fast turnaround times between landing and take-off. The benefits of the propulsion system also extend to reducing aircraft operating costs and noise emissions for a more accessible and comfortable transportation system that takes aviation to a new level around the world.

TECNAM and Rolls-Royce are already working together on the H3PS project: a parallel hybrid electric version of the four-seater P2010 that combines the Rolls-Royce electric motor with a Rotax internal combustion engine.

Paolo Pascale Langer, CEO of TECNAM: “TECNAM is proud to announce the design and development of P-Volt. We all need to advocate systems that contribute to decarbonization. By combining efficiency and renewable energy in the futuristic propulsion system, we will not only cut costs, but also give our passion for flying a greener future. “

Rob Watson, Director of Rolls-Royce Electrical, said: “Rolls-Royce is committed to the electrification of flight and supporting the decarbonization of aviation. This new partnership with TECNAM will strengthen our existing relationship and further develop the capabilities of both companies. We are excited to be working with all partners on a program that has the potential to develop the technology to make a meaningful leap in the commuter market. “

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