UAS Visitors Administration (UTM) Challenge Technical Interchange Assembly (TIM) – Tuesday, 2/23/2021 – Drones Information


In 2015, NASA began researching technology, performance requirements, and procedures to enable civilian UAS operations in low altitude airspace. A Research Transition Team (RTT) has been established to coordinate efforts by NASA and the FAA to explore a new paradigm in air traffic management that will incorporate the expected new volume of small UAS operations into NAS without compromising the current ATM system overwhelm.

NASA’s research concept specifically addressed small-scale UAS Out of Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations below 400 feet in low-density manned airspace. NASA developed a step-by-step approach to its UTM development and testing, ranging from rural to urban environments and from low to high density airspaces. This further development of the Technical Capability Levels (TCL) led industrial partners to ensure that the concept enables their business cases and drives innovative solutions. TCLs ranged from low risk Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) operations to complex, high density urban environments (visual representation available here).

The tests culminated in demonstrations in downtown Reno, NV and Corpus Cristi, TX in 2019. The results of the TCLs were published and the technology transfer of the UTM system concept, design and software to the FAA was completed in 2020. The UTM demonstrations showed that a highly automated, federated, service-based architecture is possible to securely manage future small UAS traffic requests. The UTM concept was further tested by the FAA in collaboration with NASA in phases 1 and 2 of the UTM pilot program.

The UTM concept became a starting point for research into traffic management for other vehicle types and airspace domains such as Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and High Class E-Airspace under BVLOS or VLOS conditions. While the UTM project goes down in mid-2021, NASA will continue to coordinate with the FAA and UAS communities to advance the UAS traffic management ecosystem.

Would you like to learn more? Visit: NASA UTM: Home

Event details:

A one-day Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) provides the opportunity to gain insights into the research carried out, the knowledge gained and the next steps towards the future of UTM. Please see the meeting details below.

  • Date: Tuesday, February 23, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 am – 7:30 pm ET (7:00 am – 4:30 pm PT)
  • Agenda: Soon
  • Video Collaboration Platform: YouTube live stream
  • Q&A platform:

Simply return to this website on Tuesday (23/02) to receive the YouTube Live Stream link. There is a link above where it says “YouTube Live Stream”. 15 minutes before at the start of the event (9:45 a.m. ET / 6:45 a.m. PT).

We will use for questions and answers. You enter your questions in the platform and the speakers respond in two ways:

  1. Share the question and answer orally with everyone via the YouTube live stream. or
  2. Provide a written response through that anyone can refer to throughout the event.

Enter!/dashboard into your browser to access

We will not answer any oral or written questions from the audience via Youtube. However, you need to use the YouTube Live Stream link to view the presentation materials and hear the discussion.

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