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Fixed Wing Software is now available for download from the Download Center.

New features:

  • Customizable recovery flight plans and take-off flight plans. The operator can define custom flight plans that can adapt its take-off trajectory according to orography, no fly zones, etc.
  • Referenced flight. The autopilot can use references from a variety of external sources (cameras, ships, GCS, NMEA devices …) for navigation. This is very useful for sea operations, ground vehicles or camera-controlled navigation.
  • User changes the automatic activation in waypoints. The autopilot can be configured to activate user switches on waypoints such as payload activation or to release the emergency parachute when a waypoint is reached.
  • Simplified autopilot configuration. All autopilot settings are saved in a single file, reducing configuration time and avoiding potential problems. In addition, this single file allows the user to replicate the configuration.
  • Manual trim saved in the autopilot. Fairings are stored in the autopilot, which stabilize the aircraft and increase flight safety in the event of sudden changes in command.
  • Emergency button. The system has a quick access emergency button to activate Safe Mode which will ensure the aircraft returns safely.

For more information on other innovative improvements, see the WhatsNew file in our Download Center.

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