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UAV Propulsion Tech has a representative agreement with Mejzlik Propellers s.r.o. (Brno, Czech Republic) to market their advanced propeller solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). UAV Propulsion Tech currently represents several global organizations and has been providing advanced technology and hardware solutions to defense and commercial UAV customers since 2007.

Mejzlik has been developing and manufacturing high quality propellers for its customers since 1974. Mejzlik offers COTS (off-the-shelf) and custom propeller solutions to its aerospace customers and has a reputation for working closely with its customers to provide the best solution for the application. These solutions are used in several global UAV applications and meet demanding quality, safety and performance requirements.

Bob Schmidt, President and Founder of UAV Propulsion Tech, said, “I am very excited to be working with Mejzlik as they have a strong reputation in the UAV propeller market.” Bob continued, “The addition of Mejzlik propellers expands the global Hardware solutions from UAV Propulsion Tech and enables us to be a key provider of the best UAV hardware solutions for our US customers. “

Roman Penek, Director of Business Development at Mejzlik Propellers, said, “We wanted to work with a UAV solution provider like UAV Propulsion Tech because they have UAV market experience in the US and are well known in the market. UAV Propulsion Tech is a perfect partner to improve our visibility in the US market and provide these solutions to the growing UAV customer base. “

About UAV Propulsion Tech:

Schmidt Products, LLC (dba UAV Propulsion Tech) is a privately held US company that commercializes global UAV technology in the defense and commercial UAV markets. These solutions include off the shelf consumer (COTs) and custom: propulsion, autopilot, servo / actuator, electric turbo fans, pneumatic launchers, gyro stabilized EO / IR gimbals, inertial navigation systems, digital magnetic compasses, fuel level / flow sensors, fuel tanks, engine sensors, 3D -printed aircraft cells, fuel cells, hyperspectral cameras, DC motors / generators, parachute solutions for rescue / salvage and propellers. These products are proven solutions deployed on several global high-end UAV platforms.

About Mejzlik Propeller:
Mejzlik Propellers is a manufacturer of carbon fiber propellers based in Brno, Czech Republic. Mejzlik has been developing and manufacturing propellers of the highest quality since 1974. Not just another propeller manufacturer, they work with their customers to meet their performance, reliability and safety requirements. Mejzlik Propellers is a leader in providing solutions to the UAV market, providing simulation, design, manufacturing and testing services to its propeller customers.

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