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UAVOS has started testing its converted unmanned UVH-500 system
(UAS). Designed to compete in an advanced long distance and intercity transportation
Segment of the UAV delivery market, long-range heavy-duty UVH-500-UAS based
on the piloted helicopter platform CH7.

The trial will include testing of the basic aerial aircraft systems, emergency modes of operation including autorotation landing, and flights with a cargo container weighing up to 130 kg.

The UVH-500 was developed as part of the UAVOS pilot for unmanned aircraft
Conversion program and addresses the growing market for UAV freight delivery. With a length of 7 meters (23 feet), a width of 1.50 meters (5 feet) and a height of 2.35 meters (7.7 feet) and a rotor diameter of 6.28 meters (20.6 feet) if this is the case Can carry up to 160 kg with a range of up to 840 km.

UAVOS retrofit solutions include installing an enlarged fuel tank and adjusting
repositioned and larger heat exchangers allowing a wider operating temperature range.

The UAVOS parachute system was also installed. Сockpit, push / pull bars and flight
Instruments have been removed. The autonomous system mounted on the UVH-500 is part of a family of autopilot solutions developed by UAVOS.

The extension of the unmanned helicopter with the UAVOS autopilot offers additional functions and
Advantages compared to the existing options: automatic take-off and landing, remote ground controls network capability, auto-rotation landing capability and highly efficient flight control based on TECS (Total Energy Control System). The aircraft is also equipped with a beyond line of sight (BLOS) data link system for operations over the horizon.

UAVOS has extensive experience in converting manned aircraft into unmanned platforms from
both helicopter and fixed wing types.

“We see the capabilities of the conversion program in response to a global need in the UAV delivery market for high-lift platforms that meet the needs of emissions reduction, low shipping prices, creating a safer system for delivery and fast off-delivery delivery -the-way locations “, comments Aliaksei Stratsilatau, CEO and Lead Developer of UAVOS.

The advantage of the UVH-500 UAS is that it can be operated in areas without airfields, under severe weather conditions and at night under conditions with high risk for the pilot.

The piloted helicopter is adapted to the cargo configuration to be used in remote areas. The
The UVH-500 unmanned helicopter can send cargo to destinations such as islands.
Mountain areas, remote construction sites, and similar locations. Most use
The advanced UVH-500 developed by UAVOS is an ideal platform for fast work
and reliable transportation of humanitarian goods to rural areas.

“We see many advantages of traditional planes converted into UAVs. The converted
Aircraft are an inexpensive alternative to developing new UAVs. Among other things
The CH7 helicopter we used for the conversion is aviation certified. The key to success in
The rebuilt UVH-500 can also be found in the availability of spare parts and basic training programs for technicians, ”adds Aliaksei Stratsilatau.

UAVOS Company, a global company based in Hong Kong, USA
and Europe recently started a round of funding from a group of private investors to further enhance their research and development efforts, reduce time-to-market for new solutions and also focus on advertising and commercialization.

UAVOS works directly with a number of large customers in various segments. The unmanned UAVOS technologies include the unique High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) ApusDuo, the HiDRON stratospheric glider, a platform for collecting meteorological data at high altitudes and a cross-platform autopilot solution for converting manned vehicles of all kinds to unmanned.

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