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UAVOS is proud to announce its entry into the High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) industry alliance with some of the world’s leading companies to promote the use of autonomous solar powered aircraft at high altitude to support global research missions, communications, connectivity, intelligence, Monitoring and support enable education from the stratosphere.

UAVOS has joined the HAPS Alliance to work with member companies to accelerate the development and adoption of HAPS technology in the development of the unmanned platform market at high altitude. UAVOS ‘HAPS knowledge is based on test flights for more than 1000 hours of HAPS flight tests at altitudes of up to 20,000 m. The ApusDuo project is the second generation of the HAPS solar aircraft from UAVOS.

HAPS platforms are autonomous, ultra-long, long-haul aircraft at high altitude that are powered by solar energy. They are designed to improve Internet connectivity worldwide, enable long-term continuous monitoring of the earth’s surface, create a network of autonomous repeaters and high-speed data signals. Unmanned high-altitude platforms operate in the stratosphere, which is above ground infrastructure but under satellites. This enables almost ubiquitous coverage, avoiding floor clutter and significant latency problems.

The HAPS Alliance, originally an initiative of HAPSMobile and Loon, has members of leading companies in the aerospace, technology and telecommunications industries. The aim of the HAPS Alliance is to promote business development for the “High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS)” with the authorities. In addition to working with industry associations, including standards and regulators, members will also work to accelerate the development and commercialization of HAPS technology.

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