UAVTek Bug: Small Eye within the Sky


With its low visual profile and ability to fly in winds of up to 45 knots, UAVTeks Bug provides extensive situational awareness for law enforcement and military operators.

UAVtek received a Drone Innovation Award 2020 for its work in giving nano-drones “unmatched capabilities”.

Company CEO and Founder Howard Humphries said: β€œWe are very proud that the bow is designed and built in the UK.

β€œThis shows that the UK drone industry can produce world-class unmanned systems. We have great partners, including BAE Systems and General Dynamics, who work with us to develop the best possible technology for our forces. This is just the tip of the iceberg. By 2021, we will be releasing a full range of purpose-built UAVS for all aspects of military use. “

At less than 200 grams, the Bug Nano offers an eye in the sky that can fly in strong winds, withstand gusts of over 40 knots and sends back 1080p videos in full motion from 2 km away.

The core system developed for the bow is the first in a series of versatile and free airframes from UAVtek.

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