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The National Police Air Service (NPAS) has conducted an initial assessment of remote-controlled aircraft technology to see how this technology can be used in the future to ensure public safety in support of the police force of England and Wales.

With police input and joint funding from the Home Office and the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency, the process included a series of simulated typical police aviation scenarios currently used by the existing national fleet of helicopters and aircraft in support of the 43 Police Forces of England and Wales and England British traffic police are met.

To find out if the capabilities of this technology could be used to meet the unique national requirements of the UK Police, NPAS used the Elbit Systems Hermes 900 as part of a larger trial organized by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

Upon completion of the trial at West Wales Airport near Aberporth, a report will follow which will provide a detailed assessment of the capabilities of this class of unmanned aerial vehicle and its adaptation to national police requirements.

Hermes 900 drone

Photo by Elbit Systems UK

Police Minister Kit Malthouse said:
“Our police are at risk to protect us, and they deserve the best tools and technology.

“These trials could point to a new and more effective way for aviation police to do their vital job – find missing people and fight crime.”

Captain Ollie Dismore, director of flight operations for the National Police Air Service, said::
“Meeting the diverse needs of the police force in England and Wales requires both flexibility and versatility.

“Given the continued advances in UAV capabilities, the UK Police are rightly trying to study the feasibility of such platforms for possible future use in the provision of air support by the police at the national level.

“The police force, currently served by our national mixed fleet of helicopters and airplanes, requires us to embrace innovation and use advanced technology, including taking advantage of opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. In this way, we can also use resources optimally in the future and ensure public safety in the best possible way.

“If this technology enables us to carry out our national mission more efficiently and either as or more effectively than what we have today, it will be seen as part of a future national police aircraft fleet.”

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