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Important milestone for UMS SKELDAR for an exciting future of long-distance flight demonstrations

UMS SKELDAR, Europe’s leading provider of UAV (Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms, has successfully carried out the automatic long-distance flight of its VTOL (V-150 Vertical Take Off and Landing) platform. This is a world first and an important milestone for the company and the platform.

The successful automatic flight of the V-150 was carried out across several continents. The platform itself is based in Switzerland and is monitored by the team members on site. This groundbreaking achievement enables UMS SKELDAR to offer remote product demonstrations to prospective customers around the world and to allow attendees to fully test the system without leaving their base. In the current climate of persistent travel restrictions, this is of maximum value.

David Willems, Vice President Business Development and Strategy at UMS SKELDAR, said: “This development will open new doors for UMS SKELDAR as we can offer cost-effective demonstrations to prospective customers who otherwise would not experience a live flight of the UMS system”.

To make this technology a reality, the existing software in the V-150 has been expanded to be fully automated and a person who is not present at the Remote Pilot Station (RPS) can safely and remotely control the UA / RPA thousands of kilometers away

UMS SKELDAR’s flight demonstrations can include a variety of mission simulation scenarios. The demonstrations also provide customers with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) information from a distance with applications in search and rescue, border protection, energy and military.

Willems explains further: β€œIn contrast to other demonstration functions, we not only offer the customer the option of starting in a circle. Instead, the V-150 performs a simulated mission with various events taking place in the background. This is exciting because we’re pushing traditional flight demonstrations and incorporating many new elements that maximize the customer experience even from thousands of miles away. “

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