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Antwerp, August 3, 2020 – Leon van de Pas has been appointed CEO of Unifly to lead Unifly in its next growth phase. In this role, he succeeds Marc Kegelaers.

Leon van de Pas: โ€œWhen I first came across Unifly three years ago, it was the first time for me that I really recognized the enormous potential of unmanned vehicles that move in all three dimensions. I was impressed by the possibility of โ€œmappingโ€ the airspace at a low altitude. It is even more exciting to imagine that all solutions that are currently based on a two-dimensional map for traditional manned vehicles have to be brought into the third dimension for autonomous vehicles and ultimately in real time. I would like to thank Marc Kegelaers for bringing Unifly where it is today and it is an honor to lead the Unifly team through the next phase of growth. “

Marc Kegelaers: “After five exciting and intense years, I will step down as Unifly CEO. I am very proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. Unifly has become an industry leader in the new world of unmanned traffic management. The company raised capital of over โ‚ฌ 23 million with large VCs and strategic investors. We have opened subsidiaries in the USA and Denmark and signed long-term strategic contracts with large organizations such as DFS Deutsche Flugicherung, NAV CANADA and skeyes (formerly Belgocontrol).

Unifly is “Top of Mind” for everyone who wants to implement a UTM system. Finally, we hired some of the best and brightest people in the business. After Unifly has gone through the scale-up phase, it’s time to hand the company over to a new CEO to take the company to the next level.

When I first met Leon three years ago, I was impressed by his enterprising “get-up-and-go” mentality and the energy and drive with which he can motivate teams to perform at their best. I am thrilled that Leon has taken on the role of CEO of the company and I am convinced that he is the right captain of the ship for the next development phase of the company. “

Filip tack, CEO: โ€œThe board thanks Marc for the cooperation and his leadership in the past years. In a concerted effort, we raised the company from the start-up ranks to the scale-up league.

As Unifly’s growth spurt continues in the rapidly developing UTM market, we are very proud to appoint Leon van de Pas as our new, experienced Chief Executive Officer, who will lead us to maturity. His appointment will undoubtedly further strengthen the entire leadership team. “

About Leon van de Pas

Leon’s business experience spanned multiple roles around the world with sales and business responsibility. He has worked in emerging scale-ups as well as in multinational companies such as Philips, Gemalto, Tele Atlas and HERE Technologies.

His specialty is the ability to bring disruptive innovations to the market, build successful teams and manage exceptional growth. He has a background in medical, wireless, navigation, lighting and IoT services.

Within HERE, the Dutchman led the Consumer Business Group and merged it with the Enterprise Business Group to form a global IoT Business Group that initiated many new value propositions such as indoor mapping, fleet management, supply chain, smart cities, mobility, etc. Before joining Unifly, Leon set up the regional headquarters in Singapore. Within the first year, he brought the region to double-digit growth.

Leon has a degree in electrical engineering and economics from The Hague University. He is married and has five daughters.

About Unifly

Unifly is based in Belgium and is the world leader in unmanned traffic management. The Unifly platform connects authorities with pilots to safely integrate drones into airspace. Authorities can visualize and approve drone flights and manage no-fly zones in real time. Drone operators can manage their drone fleet, validate flights and monitor their drone operations. Unifly combines UTM and drone detection functions (C-UAS) to detect, identify and differentiate all air traffic within airports and critical infrastructures.

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