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Volansi, Inc., the California-based freight drone delivery service provider that develops autonomous VTOL UAVs, announced today that it has signed a team agreement with the NC Department of Transportation for North Mile commercial drone delivery projects in North Carolina to start.

Volansi and the NC Department of Transportation will work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to collect data on drone delivery programs and how they can be integrated into current transportation infrastructure and regulations in the long term.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with the FAA and the NC Department of Transportation to help shape how drones fit into our home country’s infrastructure,” said Hannan Parvizian, CEO and co-founder of Volansi. “We believe that one day an autonomous flight will be as common and accessible as sending a letter, and Volansi technology will play a vital role in this traffic revolution.”

As part of the UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP) in North Carolina, Volansi will initially conduct tests and VLOS cargo delivery flights in accordance with Part 107 in order to scale further projects with additional exemptions and approvals and the FAA with the support of the NC Department of Transportation.

The projects will initially use the VOLY C10 Gen 2, the fully electric hybrid VTOL fixed-wing UAV from Volansi. This enables Volansi drones to complete complex two-way missions with minimal to zero infrastructure requirements. Since the drones land entirely at the delivery point, they can deliver and return cargo such as samples for analysis and diagnosis or parts for repair.

The drone flies autonomously and can carry up to 10 pounds of cargo over 50 miles. Volansi’s award-winning internal flight operations team takes care of all operations of the VOLY C10 and offers its customers a comprehensive delivery service. VOLY C10 aircraft have already been used in Africa, the Caribbean and the USA.

About Volansi

Volansi offers fast on-demand delivery services for time-critical shipments over long distances. We build and operate long range, high payload drones for commercial, defense and humanitarian applications. By using drone technology as a transportation method, we help our customers gain control of their supply chain by delivering critical equipment (and tools) that would otherwise cause unpredictable delays – saving time, money and life. To learn more, visit www.volansi.com or follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/volans_i).

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