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The creation of a regional air mobility ecosystem for VoltAero’s new Cassio hybrid electric aircraft has taken an important step through the collaboration of the French company with the US company KinectAir, which is developing a flexible on-demand flight network with a smartphone with artificial intelligence forward made application.

This cooperation provides for Cassio aircraft that are integrated into KinectAir’s short-haul infrastructure and use artificial intelligence to match passenger demand with the availability of air traffic. The KinectAir software platform is directly connected to Cassio’s “intelligent cockpit”.

“Working with KinectAir opens up exciting opportunities and combines the full benefits of our Cassio aircraft’s low-noise, environmentally friendly flights with an app that provides an accessible, affordable, sustainable and safe way to travel regionally by plane,” said Jean Botti, VoltAero’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer.

Botti added that ensuring regional air service is more important than ever, especially when economically disadvantaged airlines around the world are giving up shorter distances – threatening flight connections that serve as vital lifelines for thousands of communities.

VoltAero is developing an aircraft family that uses the company’s proprietary hybrid electrical module. With its slim, aerodynamically optimized design, Cassio flies at a speed of 200 knots (360 km / h) in flight ranges of 1,300 km (800 miles). The aircraft is available in three versions with four to ten seats and can take off and land at distances of less than 550 meters. This uses runways that are normally available at local and regional airports.

Delivery of Cassio will begin in late 2022. The aircraft will be manufactured on a purpose-built final assembly line in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region in south-western France. Licensed production opportunities are being pursued in North America and Asia.

The KinectAir regional air mobility smartphone app allows users to order a flight directly from the nearest airport. KinectAir’s artificial intelligence engine uses its fleet of leased and fractional aircraft and then balances supply and demand for air travel so that passengers have control over their decisions – both economically and ecologically.

“With Cassio aircraft in our fleet, it completes the KinectAir vision to democratize personal air mobility. Awareness of the need for connectivity and the ability to fly sustainably is in our corporate DNA, ”said Jonathan Evans, Chief Executive Officer. “We will be able to offer a clean, quiet and intelligent regional flight service to get people where they need to be. Through the partnership with VoltAero during the development of Cassio, the functionality of our software platform can also be integrated directly into the “intelligent cockpit” of the aircraft. This enables a bidirectional interface for the rapid exchange of information between the network and the aircraft as a node. “

Evans added that from the start, a deeply integrated partnership with VoltAero took full advantage of the KinectAir platform to coordinate the customer experience, aircraft maintenance, pilot planning and virtual support, as well as route planning / shipping and operational availability.

About VoltAero

VoltAero takes electric aircraft to a whole new level. VoltAero benefits from more than 50 years of experience as a pioneer and develops Cassio, a truly unique family of aircraft for general aviation for a safe, quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly flight in hybrid electric and electric mode. A flight demonstrator, together with a ground-based test stand for the “Iron Bird” system and a powertrain test stand, validates the Cassio configurations and jeopardizes them for the certification of airworthiness and the subsequent use in new production aircraft. VoltAero is headquartered at Royan-Médis Airport in southwestern France, where the company’s design team and flight operations are located.

About KinectAir

KinectAir is a software aviation company focused on regional air mobility. With the KinectAir smartphone app, users can order a flight directly from the nearest airport within a radius of 1,000 miles. To maximize efficiency and affordability for customers, the artificial intelligence software will continuously optimize air transportation and passenger demand across KinectAir’s aircraft network. Millions of flight schedule permutations per second are evaluated and travelers are offered prices that reflect their choice of travel. KinectAir is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, USA.

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