WhiteFox Demonstrates Functionality to Shield Stadiums In opposition to Rogue Drones with 15-Kilometer Digital Dome – Drones Information


WhiteFox, a technology leader in counter-drones, had its DroneFox system successfully tested by representatives of the international government at a soccer stadium in Southern California.

DroneFox is an omnidirectional system for the detection, identification and mitigation of drones. Using the intuitive user interface of the DroneFox, the government representatives were able to visualize how a location such as a stadium can be protected from drones that penetrate the airspace. DroneFox was able to detect and track drones in the 15 kilometer long virtual dome. The system allows the user to determine the threat level including the location and movement of the drone and pilot in real time.

Drones classified as hostile were then surgically tempered by the DroneFox and landed safely.

WhiteFox is seeing even greater demand for its counter-drone technology, especially after several people were charged with flying drones in confined airspace around the 2021 Superbowl. Major League Baseball games also had various delays due to drones, such as the infamous landing on Wrigley Field a few months ago. The number of incidents related to drones is increasing rapidly.

“Stadiums are just one of the many locations that DroneFox protects against rogue drones. We’re seeing more and more stadium customers wanting protection from reckless and malicious pilots, ”said Luke Fox, WhiteFox CEO. “As commercial drones become more popular, having the right counter-drone infrastructure is vital to support safe integration into society.”

Drones from various manufacturers flew through the football stadium while DroneFox recognized and identified them in real time and simulated potential drone threats. DroneFox was also able to display a live video feed from the drones, highlighting one of the unique features that make DroneFox a critical layer in any airspace security solution. WhiteFox announced how DroneFox will also be integrated with other counter-drone solutions to add additional layers of protection depending on the threat environment and create a seamless, comprehensive airspace security solution.

About WhiteFox: Headquartered in California, WhiteFox is committed to keeping the skies open for responsible pilots by developing solutions that advance drone technology for a better world. As a global leader in pioneering the secure integration of drones into society and offering global security solutions for drone airspace, WhiteFox ensures trustworthy autonomy through transparency and accountability in our skies.

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